Vydehi School of Excellence celebrates 67th Indian Independence Day

Freedom is a state of mind that lets you express your thoughts without fearing any individual or any other entity in an irrational manner. When it comes to political space, freedom is an essential aspect for any country to be sovereign. Each and every individual has their own customized definition for freedom. Without freedom, an individual won’t be able to make use of his/her absolute potential to the highest of levels and hence it will be impossible for him/her to accomplish great missions in life. Every one of us needs freedom because it makes us live naturally and earn a life we rightfully deserve. India, our country, has a glorious past with rich tradition and culture and we had great natural resources. But misfortune dawned on the country when it was invaded by foreign rulers. As a direct effect, rich resources of the country were looted, without showing the slightest hint of mercy. But Indians woke up, from the initial hang over and glitter of British rule and found out that it is essential to free our mother land from the invaders and thus sacrificed their lives for our country. The freedom we enjoy today is the result of their sacrifice and hardships, fuelled by patriotism.

Vydehi School of Excellence celebrated the Independence Day on 14th August 2013, with the eternal favour of patriotism and instilled the importance of being a true Indian in the core, in children.VSE, this time, observed ‘Incredible India’ theme for Independence Day as the salutation to the rich heritage of this country and its real heroes. The celebration lasted almost a week. Principal Mrs. Laly Mathews hosted the National flag and gave a speech laying emphasis on the importance of Independence Day and urged the students to become responsible citizens and prepare themselves to serve the nation as good leader, administrator, engineer, doctor etc.  The flag hoisting ceremony was followed by the speech by the head boy who emphasized the importance of acknowledging the great struggle made by our freedom fighters and the challenges our nation faces today.  He urged the students to be responsible and patriotic citizens and prepare themselves to serve the nation in their individual capacities.

Students were enthusiastic and thrilled to participate in the celebrations and some of them presented colourful skits, sang patriotic songs and recited poems, remembering the heroes of the freedom struggle. The children listed many ways to move towards independence, which also meant self sustainability, self reliance and self worth. The main motto of VSE Independence Day celebration was “celebrate your independence by practicing it”. The children listed out many ways to move towards the concept of independence, which also meant self sustainability, self reliance and self worth. Students of the Rehabilitation Centre of Vydehi also participated, carrying banners calling for empathy and inclusion. The passion and energy level of the students were contagious and the staff had their share of fun too in the Independence Day Celebrations.

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