Strong Parental Bonds Help Children Adapt Well To Relationships

As per a new study published in Developmental Psychology, the University of Illinios, if a child has a strong bond with parents the child, even if the child has to deal with a difficult peer, they can easily adapt as they turn out to be positive and responsive playmates.

As per Nancy McElwain, a U of I professor of human development a child who has a secure attachment with parents is more responsive and comes in with positive expectations. The study involved 114 children after 32 months. The parents were asked to report their child’s developmental changes at the 33rd week with respect to social fearfulness and proneness. Further, after completion of 39 months, same gender kids were paired randomly with others and again observed for one month period over three laboratory visits.

Strong Parental Bonds Help Children Adapt Well To Relationships

If a child who is securely attached is paired with a child who gets angry or frustrated fast, then this child will respond with requests rather than commands during the first two week. A simple example could such behavior could be grabbing toys etc. But by the last visit, a securely attached child seems to adapt with the anger prone peer due to the controlling assertiveness by improving his/her own control levels.

The study revealed data around the child’s attachment security level with parents, how well the kids knew one another, partners tendency to be angry as well as predictability during before and after visits. As per McElwain even the temperament of the child played an important role in understanding the behavior of securely bonded children with their peers.

Having said that, she also added that it does not mean that there is any connection with difficult temperament and insecure attachment. For example even if the infant it fussy, it does not mean he or she wouldn’t develop any bond with the parent. If tried definitely the child can develop strong bonds with his parents and enjoy positive as well as close relationships with others.

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