Old Buses To Be Converted Into Creche’s For Construction Worker Kids

We all have been seeing the construction workers slogging their day out to earn the daily wage that helps them have a meal of the day. We have also seen how the kids of these construction workers are left around by them at the construction sites while they work without much of a supervision or developmental facility.

These kids grow up without educational or recreational facilities that help them grow but there’s this novel idea that government of Karnataka is going to implement and could be a step in the right direction because there is a huge chunk of construction workers and anyone would not deny that the condition in which these kids grow up is far from safe, secure or anything around the lines.

Old Buses To Be Converted Into Creche’s For Construction Worker Kids

Here’s how an idea about converting old and worn out buses into creches for kids of construction workers in Bengaluru is a ray of hope for construction worker kids. The government of Karnataka, has taken up an initiative that has never before thought off. The idea is to turn the old and broken down buses into mobile creches. The creches will have toys and books for children so that they can play, explore and learn. Bengaluru government is going to make use of the KSRTC and BMTC buses that are discarded, transform them into new and colorful places to have fun. These buses will then be handed over to NGO’s for kids so that they can run them around the city and helps these kids.

Furthermore, the creche’s will also include snacks for children and would be stationed near construction sites so that the parents can drop the kids to play. Presently, the Chief Secretary has already approved for conversion of 100 buses into Creche’s in Bengaluru.

The idea seems novel and if it is implemented to perfection it is surely to be a boon to these kids. Worth applause for sure.

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