The Most Common Disabilities In Children

As far as the statistics go one out of 100 children in India has ASD and the numbers are on the rise only. Though this is not the only disability that children have. There are primarily four major areas of disabilities, Physical, behavioral, developments and sensory.

Physical disabilities include conditions like chronic asthma, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and more. Behavioral these include disabilities like bi-polar, ADD, defiance disorder and more. Developmental these include disabilities like dyslexia, autism, Down syndrome, etc. Sensory these disabilities include blindness, deafness, etc.

Common Disabilities In Children

So, if your child does have a disability then as a parent, knowing the rights of your children is always better. It will definitely help you get help you get your child all the help needed for a better upbringing and education. Early intervention is the key in case of children with special needs.

Neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD, autism, mental retardation, intellectual disability may tend to make children impulsive, easily bored or frustrated and also pose an issue with concentration. While children with eating disorders like binge eating, night eating, bulimia nervosa will have atypical behavior around their eating or weight. Besides they do tend to possess intense emotions as well as attitudes. Other disorder is the elimination disorder that involves enuresis or bed wetting and related disorders. Then there are children with the affective disorders involving frequent mood swings, consistent sadness, bipolar disorder and depression to name a few. Another less known disorder is Tic disorder leading to sudden body repeated body movements not on purpose or even meaning less sounds known as tics. The sounds do not include sounds like coughing, throat clearance, sniffing or grunting.

In India the most common disabilities include the hearing and vision disabilities. The rural areas have more number of children with disabilities as compared to urban population. The simple reason is lack of adequate medical care in rural and remote areas of India. The state with maximum number of disabled children is Assam while the lowest is Sikkim in India as per records. In villages the even today there are women who give birth with the help of midwives as home. Also, as pediatricians are not available disabilities of children aren’t tended at the right time leading to further damage, as per a renowned medical expert.

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