VSE Visited to VIMS Museum

On 24th January 2018, students of class 8 to 11 of Vydehi School of Excellence, visited the Museum of Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre. It was an educational trip to gain knowledge on medical science. The museum had various departments such as microbiology, embryology, anatomy, forensic, pathology, pharmacology and many more.

The doctors from various departments gave insight and explained the importance of each field of study to the students which will help them to understand the evolution and development of human race with the help of medical science.

Students got opportunity to see various preserved specimens and also learnt how forensic department collects finger prints from various site such as crime scene giving them knowledge how medical science supports other fields of study like law and order.

This was indeed a very informative and knowledgeable session which will help students learn and remember about theory of evolution, preservation and curability of human race


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