Parent & Child – Look Alike Competition

“Memories of childhood were the dreams that stayed with you after you woke.”

By watching and imitating others, young children learn how to interact socially. Often little boys copy their fathers, and little girls model their mothers. Imitation is also a stepping-stone to independence. To provoke the childhood memories of the parents and to give our little stars of LKG, a platform to exhibit their talent Vydehi School of Excellence conducted a Parent & Child event “ Look Alike” on the theme “ My favourite cartoons” on 3rd February 2018. Both Parent and Child dressed identical in various cartoon characters. The amazing performance grabbed the eyes of the audience and given the feel of being in a Disney World. Here are the Winners of the competition.

First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
Panav Chawla-LKG-E Aahan Sharma-LKG-A Ruthvi S Shetty- LKG-A


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