LogIQids Mental Aptitude Olympiad winners

“Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.”― John Locke

Our mind is capable of doing so many things, only if we train it well. Placing yourself on the top in this world, which is full of brilliant minds, needs dedication and hard work. VYDEHI SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE is very proud to announce that our students from Middle School participated in the LogIQids Mental Aptitude Olympiad – 2020-21 very enthusiastically. Those who outshined among all the talented kids all over the state are:

Suhani Sinha- class 6D, has secured 12th state rank

Aashrey Kumar- class 6F, has secured 17th state rank

Akshara Kumar- class 6F, has secured 17th state rank

Divija Minocha- class 7E, has secured 25th state rank

Netra Chandankhede- class 6F, has secured 39th state rank

Congratulation students! We wish you more success and achievements in life.


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