Field trip to Vishweswarayya museum

As a part of educational and advanced learning, VSE organized a field trip for the students of class 5, 6, 7 and 8 to Vishwesawrayya museum on 18/11/16 & 21/11/2016 respectively.

It was really an excellent experience for the children. The museum is located in four floors and each floor invites us to a new world of science and technology. The first floor of the museum displays the technologies and working models of gears, pumps etc. The models of old rail engines, water pumping machines also can be seen. Models of wave motion, probability etc were really enjoyed by the children.

Second floor displays models of conic sections, hyperbola motion, gravity and echo station. Echo station and gravity were two most exciting models. Also they enjoyed fluid motion, solar car and lot of models using solar energy. They also enjoyed wind energy models.

Third floor displays biological concepts like DNA, plant cell, animal cell etc. Also they really enjoyed the world of rocket and space technology. There were lot of models of rockets and other space engines as well.

Finally there were lot of games for the children related to science and technology which they enjoyed the most.

Overall it was an excellent experience for the children. They were able to relate the class room concepts to the models that they have seen.


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