Grade 2 : A day at MG Active Farm School

Students of Grade 2L and 2M visited MG Active Farm to deepen their learning about their exhibition topic –

The field trip to MG Active Farm was organized to supplement our research for the exhibition topic where children who live amidst the cities, got the opportunity to be with the nature. The farm had many vegetable varieties, animals, birds and do carry sericulture as well. The most interesting aspect is that they have different hands-on activities for the kids which bring them closer to nature.

The children played freely around with the animals (goats, chicks, birds, rabbits etc) in the farm and gave a hand in feeding them. They got to know about the life cycle and the different stages of the butterfly . They walked through the vegetable farms and were awed by seeing the different vegetables and fruits springing to life. The pattern of the fields, leaves, plants, and trees gave them the idea of how symmetry and various other concepts are incorporated in nature. They saw what germination is and how it takes place inside a greenhouse. Each of our kids were given a sapling of radish plant from the farm which they planted in the school the next day.

It was a indeed a fun-filled rejuvenating day for our kids.

MG Active Farm-2

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