Annual Science Fest: KHOJ A Journey

The Vydehi School of Excellence, Whitefield kicked off its annual Science Fest “KHOJ A Journey” on 14 Oct. This was a four-day event which, saw student participation from nursery upwards.

Khoj is an annual event, which is based on the 4Es – Experience, Experiment, Exploration & Edutainment.

This year’s themes were in line with today’s challenges, and included diverse topics like effects of Climate change, Sustainable development and Organ regeneration using stem cells.

Khoj was inaugurated by Mrs. D.A. Kalpaja, Director Vydehi group of institutions. Senior defense officials, scientists & members from the media graced the event. Students had a great time preparing for the event that included an art exhibition.

Parents congratulated the teachers and students on their efforts & dedication in putting together a relevant & innovative science show. Art exhibition “Masterstrokes” was also well received by everybody. It was amazing to see the on canvas artwork of students as young as five.

As part of the unique tradition at Vydehi, special students of Vydehi School also participated in the event. Their efforts and zeal was well appreciated by the audience.

Sinia Sajith, Principal Vydehi school of Excellence shared her views on the thought process & goals behind Khoj. The aim of Khoj is to inculcate within students an unending thirst for scientific knowledge. Themes chosen were relevant to the world we live in & practical applications of each topic were thoroughly researched by the students. Each exhibit had a message and also challenged the audience to do more for the environment

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