• Lego League Competition – Favorite Toy

    Posted October 26, 2018

    VSE Grade 1 students Playing and developing structures with LEGO help in developing and mastering design and creative skills.

  • VSE Visited to Bangalore Aquarium

    Posted October 26, 2018

    Students of Grade 1A and 1D visited the Bangalore Aquarium to deepen their learning about their exhibition topic -“Deep Blue Sea” .

  • Workshop on The world of Animation

    Posted October 26, 2018

    To deepen the learning experience across the exhibition topic “The world of Animation” a workshop was conducted for Grade 1C & 1I by Mr. Kishore Tikale,a digital sculptor . Animation is persistence of vision of our eyes. Brain retains a visual impression for about 1/30th of a second. Due to which, the quick succession of […]

  • Special Assembly on Math equal to Magic

    Posted October 26, 2018

    VSE Students of grade 4B & 4C presented a special assembly on the topic “Math equal to Magic” on 12th October.

  • Special Assembly on I HAVE A DREAM

    Posted October 26, 2018

    VSE students of Grade IV – A & IV- D presented a Special Assembly on the topic ‘ I HAVE A DREAM’ on 12th October, 2018.

  • Yercaud Trip

    Posted October 26, 2018

    Vydehi School of Excellence organised a 3 day trip to Yercaud from October 11th to 13th for the students of classes IX and X.

  • Tech Fest – Celebrating Technology

    Posted October 26, 2018

    Tech Fest – Celebrating Technology, Grade 2 kids constructed their favorite animals using Legos bricks.

  • Little Orator Competition

    Posted October 26, 2018

    Vydehi School of Excellence conducted Little Orator competition for LKG students on 25th October, 2018.

  • TECHFEST 2018

    Posted October 26, 2018

    VSE Celebrating Technology & Innovation – TECHFEST 2018 on 31st October & 2nd November 2018

  • Special Assembly on Every drop counts – Save water

    Posted October 23, 2018

    Vydehi School Of Excellence conducted a special assembly for the students of UKG A, on the topic – “Every drop counts- Save water”, on 11th October 2018.