Vydehi Intraschool Football Tournament

Vydehi Intraschool Football Tournament was held from 28-01-2016 to 04-02-2016.

We had students enthusiastically participate as a team. In Boys category, we have the Vydehi White Team who won the match and in Girls category, wehave the Vydehi Black Team who scored the cup.

The best performers throughout the tournament were uniquely recognized and encouraged. The winners are as listed below;

1. Best Scorer: Kshitij (Blue Team); Aravind (Green Team); Kajal (Black Team).
2. Best Goaly: Manan(White Team); Nidhi (Yellow Team)
3. Best Players: Suhas (Black team); Abarajithan (Yellow Team); Gayatri & Amulya (Green Team)

Tournament teaches students so much about teamwork. In a team there are players from different year groups and they bond and work hard for each other in all aspects. All the hardwork they put in during training and on the pitch, we can see them also helping each other out in lessons. It goes beyond the football.


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