Teach a Man to Fish

British Council International Award has given us a new impetus and venture into another opportunity, the School Enterprise Challenge – “Teach a Man to Fish.”

The School Enterprise Challenge competition supports teachers and students together to plan and launch a profitable business which also creates a positive social and environmental impact.

This competition is of three stages;

Stage -1: We come up with a business idea.

Stage – 2: We document business and financial plan.

Stage -3: We launch our enterprise, run it for a term and submit the final report.

Viewing enterprise as an effective means of economic prosperity, our school will work to provide students with the skills and inspiration they need to generate wealth for them and their communities.

Students also will develop essential skills in business and entrepreneurship in a practical, fun and innovative way.

Vydehi School of Excellence in School Enterprise Challenge 2015-2016

1.Business Name – VSE GREEN VENTURE

Best out of waste

2.Classes involved – Grade V – VIII

3.Cabinet Members:

Product Manager –Deepti
Secretary- Abhayjit singh
Reporter- Hiya Biswas
Treasurer- Mridula
Sales Director – Megha
Assistant Sales Director-Vishwantha
Product Manager- Dharshini

4.Lead Teachers-

Ms. Chetna Bhatt
Ms. Kanupriya Khandelwal

1.Introduction to VSE GREEN VENTURE

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