Summer Camp Carnival

  1. Summer Camp Carnival was held on 12/05/2014
  2. Summer Camp Performance Carnival started with a showbiz of dance, music and drama.
  3. Principals of Vydehi School of Excellence and Vydehi School were the invitees.
  4. Children sang songs on Nature, Hope and Confidence.
  5. They gave dance performances and entertained the guests
  6. Beyond all these, a drama was done focusing Neatness and Hygiene of the Nation.
  7. All the students of the summer camp were a part of the performance held at School

An Exhibit of Creativity (4)
Apart from performance, it was also a Show time of Arts and Crafts, Little Chef and Clay Modeling/Pottery Activities of Summer Camp, wherein activities in which the students were involved and the sample of summer camp students’ creativity were exhibited in the school front corridor for the walk-in Parents to take a glimpse.

Overall, student enjoyed the Camp Carnival and had a great fun.

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