Student-Teacher Workshop for Grades V-VI

“It is important that teachers from all elementary levels collaboratively develop the Scientific aspects for Middle School . Scientific Development was significantly changed to support the developing world. Keeping exactly that in mind,

VYDEHI SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE conducted a worshop for teachers and Students of grades 5 to 6 on 29/8/2017.

The main objectives and purpose of this workshop was to:

• promote multidisciplinary approaches to research, encourage cooperation between the social and natural sciences, and draw lessons from the humanities, local knowledge systems and aboriginal wisdom;

• encourage a holistic approach to problem solving that takes into account a realistic range of socioeconomic conditions and effects, as well as multiple time and space scales, where appropriate;

• carefully explain the implications and the inherent limitations of their research findings to the public;

• fully exploit the predictive power of science to serve social needs with candid awareness of the limitations of scientific predictions;

• promote the inclusion of scientists from resource-poor countries in international cooperative projects and maximize their access to information and technology;

• encourage the creation of science-coordination mechanisms at the highest level of the United Nations, fully involving the governments of all countries, as a way to promote integrated responses to global problems.”

VSE workshop for teachers & Students1

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