Creativity is a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing. It gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea. To encourage imagination and creativity amongst the students,.Vydehi School conducted puppet making competition of grade 2 on 3rd October, 2017. All the students overwhelmingly participated in the competition. The students made innovative and attractive puppets by using different materials like colour paper, ice cream sticks, gloves, velvet cloth etc. to make their puppets. Some of the themes taken up by the students were family, animals, birds and cartoon characters. The students put their best foot forward and took great interest in making the puppets.

The objective of this Competition was to develop the creative talent of the students and to encourage the craftsmanship and artfulness of the students. The students developed their visual-spatial intelligence and kinesthetic intelligence through this competition.

As they grow in life ,this sort of initiative will enable them to carry themselves forward more confidently and thus, face any challenges, whatsoever, that life has to offer.
Three winners from each class were selected and got I, II, and III prize respectively. The efforts and hard work of the children and the parents were highly commendable. Moreover, the teachers diligently judged the performance for each of the acts and accordingly graded the participants In other words, the event was a grand success.

VSE Puppet Making Competition

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