Poem Recitation Competition

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words” -Robert Frost.

Poem  Recitation  is  a  mode of  expression,  a  medium  to  reflect the latent talents of the young ones.Vydehi School of Excellence takes all necessary steps to build a community that is ready to shine  in the future. To pursue the same, a beautiful choral recitation competition was conducted on 15th September for Grades 6 and 7 where students recited two poems ‘Snow’ (By David Berman) and ‘Fire and Ice'(by Robert Frost).

The competition gave the listeners an ecstatic time and developed abundance of confidence in the entire student community fulfilling the purpose of  the competition .

The winners are:-

Grade VI
Team Avantika  (1st position )
Venkata Nischitha Bijjam
Rai bhattacharya

Grade VI
Team Takshila (2nd position) 
Archita yadav
Nijukta Mondal

Grade VII
Team Nalanda (1st position) 
Priyal Nishit kumar patel
Ratna Laasya sree Duggirala
Uthaya Vishwanathan 
Ronit Das 
Sai Surya 

Grade VII
Team Nalanda  (2nd position ) 
Himali M Suresh
Madhupa Chatterjee
Pawani Bhardwaj
Samyukta Vuppala
Sana Padma Sritha 
Veera Venkata Sruthi
Akshit Thota


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