“Mine and My Partner” Video Conferencing Call with Palestine School

TOPIC : “Mine and My Partner” Video Conferencing Call with Palestine School
COUNTRY : India – Palestine
DATE : 10-12-2014
FACULTY TEAM: Ms. Arundati,
Ms Rajitha.
School Participated: Khawla Bint Alazwar Secondary School, Hebron, Palestine
Grades: 1-8

Purpose of the event:

To exchange information on activities organized relevant to the topic and different ideas.

  • To help students gain knowledge on society and family systems followed in other countries.
  • Discussion on variety of activities in which the students were involved to learn on the given topic.
  • Discussion on class layouts and students participation.

Benefits of the Event:

Children enthusiastically participated in the activities, which in turn helped them learn more about their own families and about their school. While children shared a lot of interesting details about themselves during the skype session. They gathered knowledge about Palestine Culture, lifestyle and language spoken in Palestine.

Content shared:

  • Scrapbook of Family.
  • Logo and Motto of the School.
  • Presentation Slides of School


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