Mathematics Olympiad

Karnataka Academy of Mathematics conducted Mathematicana for the year 2017-18 where students of grades 8 to 11 participated and also grabbed certificates and medals for their outstanding performances.

We feel really proud to announce that Siddharth Anand of Grade 8 has secured 7th rank in state level for Grade8, Kanishka Varshini of Grade 9 has secured 7th rank in state level for Grade 9, Siddharth Bharadwaj has got 7th rank in state level for Grade 10 and Yedu Krishna Renjith who got 5th rank in state level for Grade 11.

Other than these achievers, we also have our District level Winners like Abhayjeet Singh Gulati who secured 4th rank in district level and B Arvind of Grade 10 who secured 1st rank in district level.

We also have 2 Taluk level winners S. Jaidheep from Grade 10 for securing 6th rank and Varada P Varier from Grade 11who secured 4th rank in Taluk level.
VSE feels really proud for the students’ achievements and wishes them all better achievements in their upcoming performances.


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