ISA “Tourist Destination”

Topic “Tourist Destination” Video Conferencing Call with Pakistan School
Country India – Pakistan
Date 05-12-2014
Faculty Team Ms. Sangeetha,
Ms. Rithika
School Participated: IBA Community College, Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan
Grades 6-8

Purpose of the event:

  • To bring awareness in children about the history and culture of our country and that of neighboring partner countries by exploring important tourist spots of the respective places.
  • To explain to the children how the different historical and tourist spots are the pillars of the heritage of our country and how we can renovate and maintain them.

Benefits of the Event: IMG_20141208_103801

Children enthusiastically participated in the activity. This project not only helped our students to recapitulate our lost memories about the history of Bangalore “the garden city” but also bring awareness about its significance. The activities carved their minds to make a positive approach towards maintaining and preserving the customs and traditions of our country as well.

Content shared:

  • Brochure Samples.
  • Field Trip Report.
  • Presentation on Historical Places of Bangalore.

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