ISA ACTIVITY – Safety -A Lock (Freedom from danger)

Primary kids of Vydehi School of Excellence got the golden opportunity to share their knowledge with the students of Daqeeqe-Balki High School, Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan.
The students of Grade 2 discussed about our ISA Topic “Safety -A Lock (Freedom from danger)” which was spurred by discussion on different safety rules followed in both the countries. They also shared the emergency numbers of their countries. It was a very new experience for the students.

Grade 3 students discussed about our ISA Topic: -“LIFE IN AIR – ALL ABOUT BIRDS”. Our children shared the information about the different living species (birds) and their habitat. Kids of Afghanistan shared about the avian species of their country, the climatic challenge they need to face and the various adaptations they show for the survival. They concluded with the significance of care and protection to be given to these colorful species- birds.
Students got a unique acquaintance by interacting with the students of Daqeeqe-Balki High School, Mazar-e-Sharif,Afghanistan.

They were very overwhelmed. It was a very good initiative by both the schools to bring the world closer.


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