ISA Activity – Field Trip To Hamsah Organic Farm

As a part of advanced learning Vydehi School Of Excellence organized a field trip for the students of class 3D and 3F to Hamsah Organic Farm on 15/12/17 concerning to their ISA Project Presentation –Topic- FARMERS WORK IS NEVER DONE .

From an agricultural point of view, we desire children to be knowledgeable about local agriculture so they will be pleased about it and wish to preserve it.

Hamsah Agricutural farm is an organic farm. We met Mr. John, an American national and a renowned organic farmer, who explained the various methods used till the last century and also introduced different suitable farming methods that help agriculture to produce high yield with minimum investment .Example :organic farming that strives to raise awareness of the importance of agriculture in our daily lives. The farm produces cereals, vegetable, fruits etc. Mr.John’s selfless efforts, hard work and his involvement was evidently visible throughout the 5 acres of property; which he has kept dedicated for this.

Students had the opportunity to see an organic farm and ask questions about organic farming and food and discuss these topics directly with Mr. John, which made it a fun and productive learning experience, and one that student certainly won’t forget for a long time to come.

A farm visit and an experiential activity to engage students in learning about the importance of ecological, community-based farming.

By the end of the trip, the children gained a passion for agriculture and a better understanding of their agricultural community. The hands-on experiential learning environment a farm provided is invaluable to the children’s educational growth. Students learned about the value of farming, experiencing first-hand the production of food from seed to table.


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