Information exchange at ISA event

School Name Vydehi School of Excellence
Title of activity Bangalore Vs Srilanka & Pakistan
Date 05-12-2014
Teachers Responsible Ms. Sangeetha,
Ms. Rithika
Other Staff involved Ms. Padmaja,
Ms. Sreeja
School Participated IBA Community College, Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan
Mt. Amina Girls school, Srilanka
Subjects involved English, History, ICT, Arts & Crafts
Grades 3-8
Country Srilanka, Pakistan and India

Purpose of the event:

The basic aims of the activities are:

  • To bring awareness in children about the history and culture of our country and that of neighboring partner countries by exploring important tourist spots of the respective places.
  • To explain to the children how the different historical and tourist spots are the pillars of the heritage of our country and how we can renovate and maintain them.

Exchange of information :

Elocution : “My favorite tourist spot in Bangalore”

Children from grade III and IV were encouraged to tell a few lines about their favorite tourist spot and many of them spell bounded us with their vocabulary skills and clear expressions.

Journal on “History of Bangalore” (A write up with picture)

Students of class VII and VIII did a thorough research on the culture and heritage of Bangalore and presented well composed journals on “History of Bangalore”. This work not only brought them closer to our fast disappearing heritage and culture but also created an urge in them to revive it back to its pristine glory. DSC01305 (1)

Tourist brochure (Grade VI and VII)

Children showed their artistic and creative skills by preparing innovative brochures which were not only stunning but also equally informative. Through those brochures they not only shared their knowledge about the different important tourist spots but also presented a complete guide book covering all the important tourist spots of Bangalore.

Special Assembly- “Tourist Destinations”

Many children participated in the special assembly which was a well organized program where various tourist destinations were depicted through skits, songs, poems, etc.

Field Trip

Children went to explore the historical places of Bangalore and to understand the importance of our culture and tradition.

Survey work (To understand areas of improvement and interest)

Children went to the historical place of Bangalore – Tipu Sultan palace, and surveyed people about the areas of interest.

PowerPoint Presentation

Children were encouraged to create a PowerPoint presentation, which gave a brief overview of the must – visit places in Bangalore.

Skype session:


In this busy world where people hardly have the time to wish even their near and dear ones, the heritage and the culture of the city where we are live and grow is gradually losing its significance. These projects not only help us to recapitulate our lost memories about the history of Bangalore “the garden city” but also bring awareness in our children. The activities carved their minds to make a positive approach towards maintaining and preserving the custom s and traditions of our country.

On one hand through Elocution they demonstrated their existing knowledge while through other activities like “Tourist Brochure”, “Journal writing”, “Special assembly”, “Field trip”, they explored every aspect of the different historical and important places in Bangalore.

All together it was a very enlightening experience which provided a deep rooted enrichment for the students.

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