Field trips give children a welcome break in routine. A field trip can awaken the desire in a child to try new things and pursue previously unconsidered dreams. Keeping in mind the alternative way of learning, a field trip was planned for students of grade 1-4 to give students educational experiences away from their regular school environment. The students were taken to GIRIAS CHILDREN’S EXPLORIUM. It is a children’s museum having six different galleries: EXPLORE, SPLASH, LIVE, CREATE, BUILD, and INVENT. The Children’s Explorium is a space where the concept of an amusement park meets a science museum. Their tagline puts it rather aptly; it says, “Where kids play to learn and adults learn to play”.  One of the most popular and interactive exhibits of the Explorium is the massive 5-storey discovery structure called EXPLORE. SPLASH section highlights the power that only water can yield. LIVE is a make-believe world that includes a cafe, a kitchen, a supermarket, a reading nook and a mud pit. CREATE is the section that gives way to the creative potentials of the child having sand art board and glass room where children can paint the glasses. BUILD section helps the child to understand shapes, materials used to construct a building. INVENT is the place where Children can design their own dream machines here with a little help from guides as well as elders. It was a true fun time for the kids where they learned many things through fun.


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