Model UN conferences are diplomatic simulations that exposes student to a whole world of possibility. Attending a MUN conference is a way to practice research, public speaking, teamwork, negotiation, and writing skills in a safe and structured environment.

5 students of Vydehi School of Excellence from classes 8 and 11 participated at CUFEMUN 2018 on 16.02.2018 to 18.02.2018, which staged committees like *Lok Sabha*, *DISEC*,*IP*,* UNCSW*,*CCC*,*UNSC*.

Delegates developed essential skills – both for them as individuals but also for their future career. They delivered information through speeches, caucusing, and resolutions.
Vydehi students were greatly appreciated for their depth of rich perspective and polished skills on how they debated on motions as extensive as “The crisis in the Baltic and the Arctic region “,” Demilitarization of South China Sea “, “National Medical Commission Bill”, “Sexual Violence against women in the Mena Region”.

Our heartiest congratulations to Gunjan Modi – grade XI student who represented herself as the Delegate of Lok Sabha Menaka Gandhi and won The Best Mention award


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