Children’s Day Celebration


A day for our beloved children to get themselves engage in fun, happiness and a colorful environment was celebrated as Children’s Day on the 27th of November, 2013.

To begin with the sport’s leader as well as the captain was asked to light the lamp, spreading rays of hope and happiness all around, along with the other senior students of the school. All the hard work to make the day successful was seen from the programmes organized for the day.

The teachers ensured to provide a great cultural treat to the students. The programmes that made up the day are as follows:

• A very colorful and entertaining dance by the teachers of pre primary and primary classes.
• A beautiful song sung by the faculty members.
• An amazing skit, delivering a strong message on “healthy food” for children was presented neatly.

To add to the team spirit and love for the children of our school, the Principal also participated in dance as well as various cultural activities, thereby ensuring maximum happiness on the faces of our children.

The programmes marked a great success and all the students enjoyed the day a lot. Also, there was a treat of special breakfast and chocolates for the children on 13th of November, 2013 as a part of Children’s Day Celebration.

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