SHE AFFECTS ETERNITY – Teachers Day Special

The class 8-A students of Vydehi School of Excellence conducted Special Assembly with a spirit of teacher’s day celebration on 5th September at the school auditorium. The theme of the Special Assembly was “She affects Eternity”.

The Assembly began with a Prayer by class choir with dance movements depicting the meaning of the prayer followed by a divine rendition of “pushpanjali”. Students remembered and recalled the pledge given by Dr. Kalam followed by a video showing importance and gratitude for teachers .We all know music is the most powerful form of communication in the world. The students presented a melodious song “The castle of glass” and a wonderful skit showing how a good teacher can change the destiny of a student and ended well with the moral “She Affects Eternity and No One Can Tell Where Her Influence Stops”.

To honour their teachers, a quiz was conducted by the students related to the subject and good qualities of the teacher and students giving right answer got an opportunity to gift a flower and card to the teachers.

The assembly came to an end with a beautiful poem and thank you speech recognizing efforts, thanking everyone for their contributions and gracing the occasion by their presence and appreciation followed by National Anthem. Mrs. Sinia Sajith, the school principal, and parents appreciated the wonderful performance put up by the students.



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