• Congratulation Neeti for your achievement!

    Posted July 10, 2020

    Neeti of Grade 7 of Vydehi School of Excellence has done us all proud once again.

  • Congratulations Anirud for your achievement

    Posted May 21, 2020

    We are proud to announce and congratulate Anirud Raghav of Grade 10 who participated in online AYMUN (Autonomous youth Mun) on 16th and 17th of May.

  • Grade 5 Virtual trip at Chocolate Factory

    Posted May 21, 2020

    Grade 5 students explored a sugary trip to a chocolate factory through the virtual window.

  • Virtual trip for Grade 4

    Posted May 18, 2020

    A Virtual Study Trip- All about Sugar was organized for the students of Grade 4 on 14th May, 2020.

  • Virtual trip for Grade 3

    Posted May 18, 2020

    The procedure of converting cream to butter was enlightened to the students of Grade 3 through a virtual study trip.

  • Virtual tour for Grade 2

    Posted May 18, 2020

    A Parent Child Virtual Study Trip – “ALL ABOUT OLIVES” was conducted for the students of Grade 2 on 12th May, 2020.

  • Virtual Study Trip For Grade 1

    Posted May 14, 2020

    On 11th of May 2020, Grade 1 kids were engaged in learning –“All about Turmeric” through a Virtual Study Trip.

  • Science experiments by Grade 2 students

    Posted May 8, 2020

    Students of Grade 2 on 5th of May performed Science experiments at home and online shared their experiences with the peers.

  • Creative Planters

    Posted May 8, 2020

    Creative Planters which was held on 6th April,2020 and amazed us by showing their creativity.

  • I am Still Learning

    Posted May 7, 2020

    On May 4th, 2020 Grade 1 children staying at home yet on an exploring and productively engaging themselves made LEARNING MACHINES incorporating subjects like Math, Science , English and Hindi.