Stay at Home Mom’s vs Working Mom’s – The Better Choice?

With the changing times, the society has changed and more and more women are working hand in hand with the male member of the family. While career is at the forefront for men and women both, it is the women who mostly have to choose between a career and the family even today.

Stay at home mom or working mom? Who is better – This is a never ending debate and every-one has a different say when it comes to what works better for the family. There are many who feel working moms can raise their children better and then there are those who feel stay at home moms raise their children better.

Home Moms vs Working Moms

Studies have shown some working women feeling guilty of not being able to give time to their kids due to work priorities. These are women who were raised by stay at home moms and have had experienced good upbringing. Then, there are women who were raised by working mothers and had their share of experiences of living without the mother around throughout the day. Many of them hated being looked after by outsiders while those looked after by an elderly family member like grand-parents had lesser complaints. On the flip side there are women who were raised by working women and are themselves alright working as well. Furthermore, there are stay at home moms, who want their daughters to grow up and pursue their dreams rather than staying at home. Everyone has their own reasons based on their experiences around what is better for good upbringing of kids.

While stay at home mom is definitely able to give more time to the kids, these days even working women get a chance to balance out their home and work because companies are offering more flexibility to women at work which includes maternity leave and work from home facilities. This ways women can raising your kids while being independent and pursuing your dreams. You can also contribute to the income of the household, thus raising the living standards and supporting your family financially.

There is no good or bad, or right or wrong when it comes to making a choice between staying at home because there are a lot of factors that govern these choices besides individual freedom and thinking. It’s your choice whether you want to be there all the time for your kids or you want to work in a flexible working environment which offers sufficient work life balance, enough to give your kids the time they need and deserve.

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