Raising Creative, Curious and Healthier Children

The American Academy of Paediatrics has been recommending doctors to write prescriptions that mention play. Play is extremely important for the promotion and development of cognitive, emotional, cognitive, language and self-regulation skills. This will help them manage themselves, foster relationships between them and parents and manage stress as well. It is only when play is made an integral part of the life that children grown into creative, curious as well as healthier individuals.

vse-Raising Creative, Curious and Healthier Children

There are many schools which are so much academic excellence oriented that they tend to cut down on extra-curricular activities like art, music, physical education and more. This can also happen due to insufficient infrastructure facilities. Another distraction from play is the heavy use of media in daily life. This includes smartphones, tablets, television, play station and more. This has led to a decrease in outdoor play to a lot extent.

Though, it does not mean that media is all that bad. If done properly, as in use of age appropriate media through co watching or co playing can be beneficial, yes. At school the teachers need to use the method of playful learning where the child follows his/her own curiosity. Games like peek-a-boo is a real good idea when you child is in infancy stage. As per expert doctors, play is the best thing a parent can do for the child and it helps the child hone social skills, maths and language skills as well as reduce stress levels. Playing with parents is actually helpful not only to parents but to children as well.

A survey carried out in around 2012 revealed a study of over 9K school going kids and that only half of them went outdoors to play or for walk during the day with one of the parent. There were umpteen reasons like safety issues, inaccessibility of parks and academic pressure. Many schools cut down physical activity and sports due to studies. This issue has already called for a national debate and there are new bills already passed towards the increase in play time in schools.

Well, understand that it is play only that can help your little flower blossom to the fullest. So, even when you do concentrate on academics, try giving ample time for play for your child.

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