Parental Conflict Affects Mental Health of Children

When a couple gets into fights seldom they think about the presence of their child there and how it could affect the mental health of the child adversely. Well, many of them aren’t really aware of this fact and many of the literate are aware and try to be mindful of the same, but fail at times due to their lack to control their emotions at that time. Well, here’s a study which reveals that brawls in a marriage tend to affect your child more adversely than a divorce.

Parental Conflict Affects Mental Health of Children

Around 30% of the children who witness parental conflicts at home are said to develop behavioral issues. This includes their emotional and social skills as well as academics. This can carry forward through their adulthood lasting a life time and even through the next generation.

Children of all ages irrespective of age are affected due to the consistent arguments amongst parents. A study has revealed that babies as young as 6 months of age show higher symptoms of physiological distress when subjected to inter parental conflicts. Outside it affects through high levels of hostility, violence, aggression and inside it’s through anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and in severe cases suicidal feelings.

The report of the study was published in 2017, by the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF). It says that unresolved conflict between parents can cause serious harm to child’s early development, mental health and all through life and beyond.

The fascinating part is that this inter parental conflict impacts on the father and child relationship more than mother and child. Though while devising ways to address the issue simply considering parent child relationship would not get you positive outcomes. Even couple relationships need to be taken into account and supported.

Another critical part to teach our children to cope or manage conflict and learn to move on. Well, all parents want best for their children but life is life and marital issues can crop up into your marriage anytime. The idea is to think about the whole family and not just individual life. Communicating with each other and getting external support to resolve issues while giving priority to your child’s well-being is the key.

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