Is Your Teenager Depressed – Signs and Symptoms?

A statistical study of teenagers says that one in five teenagers is bound to undergo depression during his/her teenage times. Well, teenage is a time of life when you are at the peak of your youth and a lot of changes are happening within you physically as well as mentally. One issue which most parents face is a sort of disconnect between the child and them. This could be due to the age difference or bonding issues. Sometimes the child looks absolutely normal but the inside story could be very different. The child might be experiencing depression and pain. Hence, it is important for parents to keep a connect with their child and observe the child closely to find out if their child is actually well or not.

How to figure out whether the child is depressed, is a common question for parents. Here are few tips to help you know whether your child is caught in the depression trap.

Is Your Teenage Depressed

Self Esteem Issues– Children suffering from depression might experience intense feelings of unworthiness, ugliness, shame, and failure.

Internet/ Phone Addiction – To distract themselves from depression, children may stay online extensively or may be addicted to mobile phone games. But they themselves aren’t aware that in fact, this addiction could further lead to isolation.


Unacceptable Behavior – Children with depression might exhibit reckless behavior like speeding, unsafe sex, excessive drinking, but to name a few.

Issues at School – Depression can lead to issues like poor attendance in school, feeling aloof, frustration with school-related work, drop in grades and more.

Violence – This issue is more rampant in boys suffering from depression. They turn aggressive, violent and self-harm themselves, besides showing disorders around eating.

Here are a few more symptoms that are common among depressed teens -
1. Feeling sad or hopeless
2. Feeling angry, irritated and hostile
3. Frequent crying
4. Poor performance at school
5. Lack of interest, motivation or enthusiasm
6. Fatigue or low on energy
7. Issues with concentration
8. Detachment from family and friends
9. Aches and pain that cannot be explained
10. Suicidal thoughts

Warning around Suicide

  • Google search history showing searches around suicide, death, pills and weapons
  • Showing reckless and self-harming behavior
  • Speaking about death, suicide even if in a jovial way
  • Giving away favorite stuff
  • Saying goodbye to loved ones
  • Writing poems or stories associated to death

As a parent you observe your child for such behaviors and if you feel that the child is showing any of the alarming signs around suicide act immediately.

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