Early Years Are The Most Crucial Years Of A Child’s Life

Grassroots is where we need to put maximum effort so that our child is ready for the adult life. It’s the time we need to work the most so that your child can grow up and manage himself/ herself in the best possible way. Consider it as once in a lifetime opportunity. Hence, you need to make optimum benefit out of it.

Early Years Are The Most Crucial Years Of A Child’s Life

As parent we need to ensure that everything about that food, their habits, their growth and behavior is on track right from the beginning of their life. Well, as far as growth is concerned after 1 year of birth the growth slows down. So, we need to ensure that the child gets proper nutrition in form of breast milk mostly in the first year.

Even the 70% of child’s brain development happens in the first five years and of those the first three are the most critical. These years have the maximum impact of how the child’s life shapes out to be around learning, social and emotional abilities too. Children learn the fastest during their early years and the development is faster if they are given love, care and attention as much as possible.

Every child has a right to grow in an environment that is out of harm’s way and is filled with love with access to nutrition, education, play and health all the way. It is also the responsibility of parents, the community as well as the government to do what it takes to ensure that the child’s fundamental rights are preserved. As per experts if a child is tended by parents who are attuned and good enough, 30% of the times the child develops secure attachment, that helps him or her provide the resilience to face the challenges of life.

So, it is extremely crucial to pay adequate attention to your children in their early years, it’s like creating their roadmap to a happy and content life.

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