Bullying – A Topic that Needs a Conversation with kids

Even if we try to avoid this word, the fact is that Bullying is prevalent in the schools in spite of the vigilance. Particularly when kids start school after summer vacation or get into a new school, this is one scare that does make rounds not only in the minds of kids but parents alike. But, its only conversation with your child that can help you reach out to them with these issues.


Tell Them You’ve Been There too.
When you want to reach out to your child, you need to be on the same page as that of the child. Then only can you and the child connect? When it comes to bullying, you can reach out to the child stating that you’ve been in the same shoes as theirs and that you’ve trodden the same path when in your childhood days. It’s nothing new, it was there, is there and the only way is through, but smartly. Sharing your own stories makes kids comfortable and helps them feel that they are not the only one being bullied and feel supported.

Don’t Judge them. Listen to Them
Talk to them in a way they feel safe and comfortable speaking out their heart. You may directly ask them to share their feelings with you, without any worries. Tell them you just want to listen out to their say and that they can share anything that is on their mind without feeling awkward or scared. This helps in empowering them because you are respecting their voice. Once they share their thing, it’s important to feel it from within because it could be heartfelt or even outrageous as well.

Parental intervention – When you are on the side of the child being bullied or you’re the parent of the child who is into bullying, both ways you have to handle your child because your actions and words are going to help them work on theirs. So, if your child is into bullying he/ she needs to know how their words and actions can be life-changing and harming the life of that person not only for that moment but for years to come. You can ask them to apologize with their heart and not repeat your deeds again. You need not blame them or yourself but handle it calmly and critically enough. Tell them that apologizing might just help the people they hurt, feel better. For parents whose kids are going through bullying, can share their life experiences with them and also share their own feelings of scare and disgust, etc with the kids. They can also tell the kids that these things do happen and they pass. You need not take them to your heart and that life is going to be okay, and there will be good friends you are going to meet along.

Engage Your Child – This can help. If your child is engaged in activities he or she loves, there is less chance of any distractions as the child concentrates and channelizes energy into the right direction. Hence, enrolling your child in extra-curricular activities like sports, music, art or craft and more is a good way to also get them connected with like-minded friends.


Well, conversations that are healthy and instill confidence in your children can help them stand strong for themselves and find their way through the bullying.

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