All You Need To Know About Article 21 A

The act Article 21 (A) was included in the constitution in the year 2002 and is about the fundamental and free right of children in the age group six to fourteen years. Though it was brought into force from April 1, 2010. Free education as per the RTE act is that every child except the one admitted to school by parent has the right to full time free elementary education of satisfactory and equitable quality in a school formally as per the standards and specifications that are essential.

All You Need To Know About Article 21 A

Lets look through the highlights of act

  1. It is the fundamental right of children in the age group of 6-14 years to get elementary school education in the nearby schools

  2. Provision for students who don’t take admission in schools to be given admission

  3. Clarification about the term compulsory education meaning the government is obligated to take the responsibility of providing free elementary education with compulsory admission, attendance as well as completion of the same for every child mentioned in the above age group.

  4. Even the duties as well as responsibilities of the parents, local authorities and mainly government are also specified in detail around compulsory elementary education, its finances and the responsibilities of State and Central Government.

  5. The prohibitions are also listed and include screening procedures for children, capitation fee, mental harassment as well as private tuition fee.

  6. The constitution also has provision for curriculum development as per constitutions consonance ensuring all round development, child knowledge development and talent building as well as helping the child be free from trauma, fear as well as anxiety.

Well, this initiative has definitely taken India a step forwards in ensuring a rights based framework puts a legal obligation on the Central as well as state governments to implement this policy as per RTE act.


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