How to Deal With Your Autistic Child’s Difficulty With Making Friends

Many children with autism find it very difficult to make friends. As kids gain grow older they start understanding of the world around them, the experiences and interactions that are positive and negative. These experiences can affect their self-esteem as well as development. So, how can you contribute from your end in helping your child out with this difficulty? Well, here are a few tips on the same.


  • Support your child with interaction
    As you are dealing with a child with special needs, you will have to take effort from your end to be the guiding light for your child or the torch bearer where you help your child to interact by teaching him simple interactions like sharing stuff with others, standing in a line, interacting with other children to name a few. Also, let your child practice this to learn it out.
  • Nurture your relationship with the child
    Every day spend some quality time with your child, mingling and bonding. This sends the signal that the child is important. You may talk about the child friends, your life and even talk about the importance of caring for each other.
  • Help your child with feelings management
    Primarily teach the child that feeling sad, happy, angry, distressed, jealous is all okay. But, it is very important to control your behaviour even if you experience extreme feelings. Talk about managing feelings like anger without losing your control and doing something stupid like hitting or throwing things around.
  • Practice makes man perfect
    Yup, with autistic children practice is the key. Whatever you teach take time to make them practice what you’ve taught. The more you practice the more they pick up, be it social or emotional skills.
  • Take External Help
    If you find out that your child also needs external help along with yours. Try consulting your paediatrician, school or a child disability specialist.

Be positive and help your child through the challenges. Your help will definitely help your child sail through the difficulties around social skills with ease.

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