Vydehi School Culture

A strong school culture reflects how the school operates. It encompasses the attitudes and values of the school. The Vydehi School culture has a profound impact on the achievement and behavior of the students. The quality of school life is maintained in such a way that there is a harmonious relation between the students, teachers, and parents. Apart from this, we focus on innovation, leadership and teamwork.

Vydehi School of Excellence believes positive and enthusiastic environment. We aim to shape great personalities out of the students. Personality development requires a lot of training other than the usual class room teaching. But the highest purpose of education is that to refine an individual to be a good human being who often contributes to his society in every way possible. We are happy to participate in nation building through cultivation of the right kind of citizens. We strive to nurture and make the students realize their individuality and unique potential. We train them to keep an objective mind even when chaotic times and situations occur. Problem solving skills are helpful in one’s career as it helps the individual to work flawlessly even under great pressure. Our intention is to make our children respectable citizens and thus we encourage them to appreciate cultural diversity. We train the children to grasp and obey the core values of honesty, responsibility and respect.