Pre-School VKIDS

“Vkids is a happy school, that’s why I am smiling!”

My school is fun, that’s why I am learning!”

Learning through play is fundamental to the philosophy of learning at Vkids. We recognize that play is an essential element in the development of young children, providing situations where they control the events and construct knowledge. Important conceptual, social, and language skills are developed during these stages. Through play they explore their environment, learn to deal with problems, and learn to work within a group.

The above quote is one of the important philosophies behind VKids. By creating curiosity VKids believes that a positive cycle of learning is triggered. Children explore a lot and this arise large number of questions as they think the concept behind everything they discover. If this curiosity remains in them, they will consider learning new things as a lifelong process. VKids aims to implement the concept of explore and learn through discovery.

Pre-school Information

Grades- Nursery, LKG, UKG

Age Criteria : 2 yrs 10 months – 3 yrs 10 months
Timings : 8.10am to 12.15pm (Monday to Friday)

Age Criteria : 3 yrs 10 months – 4 yrs 10 months
Timings : 8.10am to 12.15pm (Monday to Friday)

Age Criteria : 4 yrs 10 months – 5 yrs 10 months
Timings : 8.10am to 12.15pm (Monday to Thursday)
  : 8.10am to 2.45pm (Friday)

Afterschool Daycare Facility is also available from 12.15pm to 6.30pm


“You can teach a student a lesson for a day;
but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity,
he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”

-Clay P.Bedford

The above quote is one of the important philosophies behind VKids. By creating curiosity VKids believes that children will be supported in developing the knowledge, skills and understanding that help them to make sense of the world and therefore we, support their learning through offering opportunities for them to use a range of tools safely; encounter creatures, people, plants and objects in their natural environments and in real-life situations; undertake practical ‘experiments’; and work with a range of materials.

By creating curiosity, we challenge students to explore knowledge, to question facts upon finding them, to make responsible decisions and to approach learning with enthusiasm.

We try to extend children’s creativity by reinforcing their curiosity, exploration and play. They are given numerous opportunities to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings, through a variety of art, music, dance, movement, imaginative and role-play activities, and design.

News from the Pre-School VKIDS

  • “Food Without Fire” for UKG

    Posted February 22, 2017

    “Master Chef – Food Without Fire”, Parent child competition was conducted by Vydehi School Of Excellence for UKG

  • Kitchenette Activity- Cheesy Monaco Bite

    Posted February 20, 2017

    VSE conducted kitchette activity for play group, nursery, lkg & ukg on 16th Feb 2017

  • Congrats Adishree Nagtilak!

    Posted February 16, 2017

    VSE student Adishree Nagtilak of UKG-C shines at the GKR Memorial open chess tournament securing 5th place.

  • Nursery & Play group parent-child Competition-Puzzle Time

    Posted February 13, 2017

    VSE has organized puzzle time competition for Nursery & Playgroup

  • Orange color day activity

    Posted February 2, 2017

    VSE celebrated orange color day for our tiny tots of preprimary, On 31st January 2017

  • Workshop on “Importance of water”

    Posted January 23, 2017

    VSE conducted a workshop for Nursery, LKG and UKG on 20th January 2017

  • Kitchenette activity –Strawberry Crushers

    Posted January 17, 2017

    VSE conducted kitchenette activity for playgroup, nursery, Lkg and Ukg on 13th January 2017

  • “Republic Day” Special assembly

    Posted January 13, 2017

    VSE students of LKG E, F & G organized a special assembly on the theme ‘Republic Day’ on January 1, 2017.


    Posted February 13, 2017

    VSE was conducted I.Q. Olympiad Conquest in the month of December 2016

  • Kitchenette activity – Cake decoration

    Posted December 26, 2016

    VSE conducted kitchenette activity for Preprimary kids on 23rd December 2016

  • Color day activity at Vydehi School

    Posted December 26, 2016

    VSE celebrated red color day for our toddlers of preprimary on 19th December 2016

  • Brown color day celebrations

    Posted December 5, 2016

    VSE organised “Chocolatey Brown Colour Day” for Pre-primary students on November 30, 2016.

  • Healthy Smiles, Healthy Childern

    Posted December 5, 2016

    VSE conducted a workshop on “Dental Hygiene” on 29th November, 2016 for pre-primary students

  • Parent and Child Dance Competition

    Posted November 23, 2016

    VSE organized Parent and child dance competition “Rock star” for LKG on 19th November 2016

  • Puppet Making Competition

    Posted November 23, 2016

    VSE had organized a Puppet Making Competition for UKG on November 19, 2016 towards stimulating imagination and creativity amongst its students.

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  • Video:"X-Mas Special Assembly- Part 2"

  • Video:"X-Mas Special Assembly"

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