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Vydehi School of Excellence follows the curricular framework of the Central Board of Secondary Education which embraces a developmental inquiry-based approach to learning, accepting children’s existing levels of learning and validating their strengths, experiences, languages and cultures.

Children are encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills, concepts, attitudes and competencies within an atmosphere that fosters a sense of belonging, self-confidence, a love for learning, and the development of positive personal values and qualities. The environment supports students as they become independent learners, helping them to build strategies to seek their own solutions. As active participants, children are given opportunities to explore and interact meaningfully with the world around them. The diverse teaching strategies employed recognize learning as multidimensional and that each child has a unique learning style. The curriculum is designed to maintain relevance, challenge and engagement.

News from the Primary School

  • Congratulations Sree Charan!

    Posted November 15, 2018

    Sree Charan of grade V won 3 Bronze medals under the category of Individual Kata, Team Kata, Kumitti and also Gold medal in best student of the year 2018 award in Jyoshinmon Shorinru Karate tournament.

  • Tech Fest – Redesigning Brand Logo

    Posted November 5, 2018

    VSE “Redesigning Brand Logo” clay modeling competition was organized for Grade 4.

  • Workshop on Clean air is our fundamental right

    Posted November 5, 2018

    VSE organised a workshop for the students of Grades 5-7 on the topic “Clean air is our fundamental right”

  • TECHFEST 2018

    Posted October 26, 2018

    VSE Celebrating Technology & Innovation – TECHFEST 2018 on 31st October & 2nd November 2018

  • VSE student shines at Sharanya Narayani Inter National Sports Competition

    Posted November 2, 2018

    VSE students showcased their strength and agility at Table Tennis and Football in Saranya Narayani Inter National Sports competition on 29th & 30th October, 2018

  • Visit to Vydehi Hospital and Research Centre

    Posted October 30, 2018

    VSE students of grade 4A & 4B visited Vydehi Hospital and Research Centre on 25th October 2018.

  • VSE Grade 2F and 2J Visited to Kadugodi Traffic Police Station

    Posted October 22, 2018

    Students of Grade 2F and 2J visited Kadugodi Traffic Police Station to deepen their learning about their exhibition

  • Tech Fest – Celebrating Technology

    Posted October 26, 2018

    Tech Fest – Celebrating Technology, Grade 2 kids constructed their favorite animals using Legos bricks.

  • Congratulations to Sanjana Subramanian

    Posted October 29, 2018

    Vydehi School of Excellence is proud to announce that Sanjana Subramanian of Grade 4F won the 2nd position in the U-9 Girls category and an overall 9th rank in the 31st BRDCA Open Rapid Chess Tournament 2018 held on 14th October, at Virginia Mall.

  • Special Assembly on I HAVE A DREAM

    Posted October 26, 2018

    VSE students of Grade IV – A & IV- D presented a Special Assembly on the topic ‘ I HAVE A DREAM’ on 12th October, 2018.

  • Special Assembly on Math equal to Magic

    Posted October 26, 2018

    VSE Students of grade 4B & 4C presented a special assembly on the topic “Math equal to Magic” on 12th October.

  • Workshop on The world of Animation

    Posted October 26, 2018

    To deepen the learning experience across the exhibition topic “The world of Animation” a workshop was conducted for Grade 1C & 1I by Mr. Kishore Tikale,a digital sculptor . Animation is persistence of vision of our eyes. Brain retains a visual impression for about 1/30th of a second. Due to which, the quick succession of […]

  • VSE Visited to Bangalore Aquarium

    Posted October 26, 2018

    Students of Grade 1A and 1D visited the Bangalore Aquarium to deepen their learning about their exhibition topic -“Deep Blue Sea” .

  • Lego League Competition – Favorite Toy

    Posted October 26, 2018

    VSE Grade 1 students Playing and developing structures with LEGO help in developing and mastering design and creative skills.

  • A day at Honey Day Bee Farm

    Posted October 15, 2018

    Students of Grade 2H and 2K visited Honey Day Bee Farm to deepen the learning about their exhibition topic – Honey-The Golden Syrup

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