Vydehi School of Excellence in the Media – Teacher’s day celebrations at VSE exhilarate both teachers and students

Vydehi School of Excellence celebrated Teacher’s day with great enthusiasm and vigour in a function which made a great display of students’ alacrity to please their gurus. The whole program was planned and administered by the students of Vydehi School of Excellence. The program saw its beginning with the pre primary students welcoming their teachers on arrival by applying the traditional ‘tilak’ on their foreheads. This was followed by a special assembly in school. The students paid tribute to Dr Radhakrishnan, second president of India, who believed that “teachers should be the best minds in the country” and to their teachers through speeches, poems, skits and dances. Management of ‘Vydehi School of Excellence’ honoured every teacher in the school with a memento, a token of appreciation for their sincere and dedicated effort to spread the light of knowledge among the students.

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