Vydehi Annual Science Fest

The annual science exhibition “Excellence Through Innovation” was held on the 16th of November 2013 at Vydehi School of Excellence.

Along with this, there is a significance that marks this date on which the exhibition was held. Vydehi School of Excellence has re-launched its latest website which is livelier, regularly updated and much interesting for our valuable visitors.

The main aim of this exhibition was to ignite a passion for science in the minds of young students. Researching on various topics and preparing presentations helped them to appreciate the value and immense potential of science in the development of mankind.

The entire school students have actively participated in contributing to the overall success of the event.

The first room housed “Innovate and Create” theme. The students through their presentation and exhibits demonstrated innovative method of reducing the stress on the environment.

It was a sweet treat at Vydehi Chocolate Factory, the one hosted by Grade II. The students demonstrated the entire process of preparation of chocolate, right from cocoa harvesting to package and distribution. They also covered the history of chocolate. The audience had their share of sweetness too via the chocolate fountain.

Grade III had planned an extra-terrestrial adventure. The Mars mission was the hot topic and depicted the adventure of starting a new home and colony in our neighboring red planet.

There was also a study on water – “the elixir of life.” Students carried out various experiments to show the contamination of water and explained various methods of decontamination.

There were students who reinforced the competence of “Disaster Management Plan” with reference to recent calamities like Uttarkand Flood.

Computers also formed the vital part of the exhibition with students explaining various technologies developed in computing.

Grade I students were at their best with the topic “Explore and Entertain” which included scientific toys made up of waste materials as well as small experiments to explain common laws of science.

One of the rooms was dedicated for the display of different creations by autistic students. These included paintings, sculptures and pottery.

Tiny tots from kindergarten presented about aquatic life and the mysteries that the deep water holds. There was also a presentation on the solar system and the “Garden of Four Senses.”

Fun with numbers was a topic where students demonstrated their Math skills using Vedic techniques.

The main intent of the exhibition was to create awareness among the students insight and motivate the audience.

“A Healing Touch” conducted by Grade VI spoke about the importance of Organ Donation and the nobility of the cause. They also dispelled some of the popular myths surrounding organ donation. The presentation was capped with a request from the students to the audience to pledge their organs and create a difference.

It was quite evident that the students were totally engaged and the event had greatly influenced their liking towards science. The parents who were the major part of the audience found the concept to be innovative and were equally motivated as the students.

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