Rhymes of Month


Hen, hen, count to ten;

Goat, goat, get your coat;

Pig, pig, dance a jig.

Mouse, mouse, build a


Chick, chick, make it quick;

Cat, cat, find your hat.

Bear, bear, go upstairs,

Mite, mite, say good night;

Sheep, sheep, go to sleep.


Like this, like that

(On all fours, moving around
slowly, like an elephant)

He’s terribly big,

(Standing up, reach arms high)

And he’s terribly fat.

(Stretch arms out to the sides,
to show how fat elephant Is)

He has no fingers,

(Fisted hands, hiding fingers)

He has no toes,

(Wiggle toes)

But goodness gracious,

What a nose!

(Thumb to nose and wiggle fingers, as if extending trunk)


The Cat goes meow

The Cow goes moo

The Pig goes oink

The Rooster goes Cocka doodle doo

The Hen goes cackle

The Dog goes woof

The Turkey goes gobble

The Monkey goes whoop

The Mouse goes squeak

The Sheep goes baa

The Eagle screams eeeee

The Rabbit goes drum

The Pigeon goes coo

The Elephant goes trump

The Wolf howls Awooooo

The Donkey goes He-haw

The Parrot goes talk Helloooo

The Crow goes Kaw

The Snake goes hiss

The Horse goes neigh

The Bee goes buzz

The Tiger goes roar

The Sparrow goes chirp

And the boy down the street goes buuurp

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