Recitation Competition was held on 19th January

Vydehi School of Excellence, a premier school in Bangalore organized the final round of the Recitation Competition on 19th January 2013. The finalists of this Primary School Poetry Recitation competition had to excel in memorizing and reciting the poetry of their choice, with confidence. The theme of the poetry was declared as “Nature”. The concept offered the students a wide range of choices to pick up from and finalists recited beautiful poems with great control in voice modulation.

VSE believes that poetry recitation is an effective method for students to increase their appreciation for language and cement their mastery over public speaking. Such school activities forces our new generation to find hidden gems in literature and it develops their creative thinking and imagining capability. As Einstein said imagination is greater than knowledge and encouraging students to be creative is as important as academics. Promoting our students to write fiction and poetry is a regular practice in Vydehi School and this Recitation Competition was devoted to the promotion of poetry in education. Reciting poems in front of a huge audience will boost students’ confidence and will help to develop personal relationships by gaining more self esteem. The competition began at the classroom level and in the finale, it had become a school level competition. Finalists gave a poetry reciting performance before a huge audience comprising students from all classes. Four teachers who have great knowledge in poetry were present as judges. They judged the winners, according to their performance, way of reciting, confidence level and quality of the poem. Winners emerged in both groups are listed below:

Group A

1st- Pritha Gupta (IB) & Prisha Vohra (II)

2nd- Anvita Kulkarni ( IA) & Anushka Rakesh (IB)

3rd- Aashrith Varshneya (IA)

Group B

1st-Aayush Gupta (III)

2nd- Riya Vashistha (V)

3rd- Supriya B (III) & Varsha J Sathian (IV)

VSE congratulates all the winners who made an excellent display of their artistic talent in the form of poetry recitation.

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