ISA Project Presentation and Curriculum Activity

On January 04, 2018, as a part of our ISA Project Presentation and curriculum activity, Vydehi School of Excellence conducted an assembly; emphasising the importance of agriculture as a need. Our students from 3E, 3F ( morning assembly) & 3D (evening assembly) depicted the topic-
“A farmers work is never done”; in a very informative way.

Vydehi School of Excellence wishes to instill passion and enthusiasm in the lives of our students on various topics. This event on agricultural education was definitely one of them.

Beginning the knowledge sharing session, a documentary annotating the concepts of germination and highlighting the various tools used for agriculture in this modern era was presented. Following this, a small act was presented representing the current situation of agriculture and farmers in India. Finally to sum up and reinforce our efforts through these presentations, we conducted a quiz competition. The purpose for the competition was to orchestrate the effectiveness of the communications passed through these presentations.

The enthusiastic participation from parents in the audience helped our effort of leading our students to learning treasures.

VSE-SA- A farmers work is never done7

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