Educational tour to Sirena Technologies

Our students of Grades 8-11 had an educational tour to Sirena Technologies on 23rd December, 2017. Sirena Technologies is based out of Bangalore and was formed in 2014 with a vision to bring innovative products to the market – designed and manufactured in India, leveraging Indian ecosystem. The company primarily is focused on Robotics – Robotics for education. The company has built the first Indian Humanoid Robot, named Nino, and provides the most comprehensive Robotic course, named SKIP (Sirena Knowledge and Information Program), which is aligned with school curriculum. Further, the company is designing a life-size Humanoid Robot, which is expected to be ready later this year to address several other applications – in schools, hospitals, airports, information centers, shopping malls etc. It was a wonderful experience for our students which helps them to develop highly practical skills , provides highly practical hands-on experience, develops critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies and also made the learners to appreciate and realize technology.

IMG-20171223-WA0040 (1)

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