Mrs Sinia Sajith

Mrs Sinia Sajith

Sinia Sajith, our principal is… a leader, an educator, a learner, a listener, a strong communicator, a person with compassion, empathy, and humour.
As the Principal, she

  • Demonstrates leadership to build a shared vision for effective teaching and learning with students, teachers, and parents. She cultivates a strong atmosphere of respect and safety through consistent and fair discipline that is reflective of school philosophy and procedures. She recognizes the diverse skills and talents the teachers bring and helps maximize their potential.

  • Demonstrates knowledge by bringing a high level of understanding and skill in current practices of teaching and learning. She is open to innovation and supports teachers in creating dynamic learning environments where children feel confident to take risks, explore, and meet their potential. She is aware of and supportive of best practice programming for children with special needs, second language learners, gifted children, and others. She has an appreciation of and a willingness to advocate for all aspects of education, including the arts, physical education, and technology.

  • Models strong character & Embraces diversity through respectful and empathetic interactions with all. She actively encourages healthy character traits, including those represented on the school playground. She is sensitive to the diversity of our school population and encourages understanding, acceptance, and celebration of these differences.

  • Encourages and welcomes active parental involvement through two-way communication and participation. She maintains open, transparent, and timely communication with parents about all issues affecting the school community and the students. She recognizes, our School not just as an institution for education, but as a visible and active part of the community.

  • Reflects on present circumstances and experiences and envisions next steps for the school community within the framework of CBSE. She is able to balance present needs with consideration of upcoming needs in our growing school.

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