What To Do In the Summer Holidays ? – Hobbies and Activities

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It is nearly time for final examinations in schools, a harbinger or herald of the approaching summer holidays as well. With kids eagerly waiting for their holidays to begin, it is also time when parents start thinking around engaging programs or activities for their kids.

There are apparently many options available for making the summer holidays of your kids interesting, entertaining and get them to learn at the same time. But, while enrolling them to summer programs, as a parent you need to be well aware of the interests of your child as well. For example, if your kid loves dancing but is not into cricket and you enroll him for cricket, he or she probably is not going to make the most of this opportunity. Instead if you focus of enrolling them to activities of their interests, you’d probably get better results.

As per your child’s interests you can enroll him/her to various different hobby classes during the summers. These classes usually consume only 1 or 2 hours a day for around 5 days a week.

Hobby Classes
Hobby classes like Dancing (western or classical), Singing (classical, semi classical, pop, western, learning musical instrument), Art (sketching, painting), Craft (embroidery, fabric painting, pottery, sculpting & more) are undertaken at many hobby centres across the city. You may simply google up such classes to find one nearby, so that commuting is not much of a problem as well.

Sports & Games
It could either be outdoor or indoor sports or a mix of both. An hour or two daily into a particular sport or two, for example badminton, tennis, table tennis, soccer, cricket, chess, carom, karate, etc. could be fun based summer activity for your kids.

Apart from hobby classes, it is very important for parents to spent time with their kids. This is probably your best chance.

Outdoor Activities
Getting into outdoor activities that involve the entire family is definitely a great idea. Outdoor activities could include stuff like a handball game at the beach, joining in with your kids in making sand castles, skating around, sun bathing, boating, snorkelling or even scuba diving, etc. Experience some excitement and thrill during the holidays with hiking, biking or trekking to nearby places with your kids, source of a lot of fun and memories indeed.

Indoor Activities
When at home in the summer, go for some indoor games with your kids, indulge into some creative activities, get cooking up some easy snacks or baking with them. This will go a long way in building up their teamwork spirit and their bond with you. Simple activities like making pizzas, cookies, fabric painting activities, reading books, story telling sessions and more could be quite a learning and enjoyable experience for your kids.

All these summer time programs or activities are not only going engage your children and make optimum use of their idle time but it is an opportunity for them to learn new stuff, probably a point of self realization about inclination to a particular interest, but more importantly a time of family bonding and nurturing relationships that is further going to help them in moulding their personalities in a positive way.

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