Vydehi School Of Excellence Childrens Day Celebration 2012

Children’s day was a special day for the students of ‘Vydehi School of Excellence’ as it was one of those occasions which both primary school students and play school students attended together. As a big event which featured both teachers and all the students, it was planned carefully. A poster made in blue colored paper carried a photo of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru who was also fondly called ‘Chacha Nehru’ (Uncle Nehru) by Kids. It is on his birthday, India celebrates ‘Children’s day” to honor them. On the day, children were allowed to come in their favorite dress so they can relax more and have fun. Many teachers gave speeches, referring Children’s day and its significance while others sang and danced for children. The music teacher of the school played melodious music on his electronic keyboard, which heightened the ambience of the event. There was music, dance and drama in this enchanting cultural event which kept the spirit of children high. The whole event was designed as a token of love from the teachers to the lovely kids.

To add more fun to the event, teachers have taken up the role of drama artists and sang and dance to cheer the kids. In drama, teachers wore the costumes of kings and his courtiers with funny make up and fake moustaches, which offer a great deal of laughter to children. Teachers also participated in an Indian folk dance in which one needs to clap using sticks, in accordance with the rhythm. The clap sound also contributed to the vibrant ambience in the hall where Vydehi Primary school celebrated the Children’s day.

There was also a great magic treat named ‘Abbara Ka Dabra’, conducted by a fabulous magician, which left the students spell-bound. Magician was very friendly with the kids and made them participate in his magic tricks, which turned out as a wonderful experience for them.

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