VSE Independence Day Celebration 2012

With advent of August we are reminded of the most memorable day of the life of any Indian, the day is none other than the Independence Day. Independence Day, one of the three national holidays in India, is observed in all states and union territories of India. The special assembly on “Independence Day” was held in Vydehi School Of Excellence, it was informative and enjoyable. The school wore a festive look and the Tricolour was unfurled at the schools on the following day. Patriotic songs were played to mark the Independence Day. There were several other events to show respect to the martyrs of freedom struggle of India .

The stood round the flag pole d class wise and the teachers stood behind them. On the Principal’s request, the founder of the school came forward to perform the flag-hoisting ceremony. The students stood in attention and saluted the flag. After the flag hoisting ceremony the national anthem was sung. The flag hoisting ceremony came to a close with a few speeches delivered by the staff and the manager. The speeches highlighted the importance of this day and urged the students to become responsible citizens and prepare themselves to serve the nation as good leader, administrator, engineer, doctors etc.

The speakers urged the students to remember the sacrifices of the patriots and martyrs who laid down their lives in the freedom struggle and to pay tributes to those who fought to free their motherland from the clutches of foreign rule. It was a rich learning experience for the students of Vydehi School Of Excellence who cherished the value of freedom and patriotism. The students of the school presented a colorful cultural programme like patriotic songs, portraying the characters of our leaders and many more. Sweets and snacks were distributed amongst the students.

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