Tips To Keep Kids Illnesses at Bay This Monsoon

While many of us love the monsoons, because it’s time of the year when the earth is greener, the air cooler and the tongue eager to hog on hot onion fritters, samosas, jalebis and other street foods. But, it’s also a season that brings along viruses and is especially a worrisome period for parents as they struggle to keep their kids away from viral health conditions as well as waterborne ones.

Stagnant water as we all are aware is a breeding ground for vector-borne diseases. Mosquitoes are carriers of many diseases and this stagnant water is their favorite space, be it water coolers, flower vases, wet dirty clothes, to name a few. Hence, its important take some precautionary measures to avoid these viruses from attacking your kids.

Tips To Keep Kids Illnesses at Bay This Monsoon

Avoid Water Stagnation – Try to keep your vases, planters and water coolers free from stagnant water and replace water on a regular basis. Also, avoid keeping the clothes wet and dirty. As far as possible keep the areas dry thus giving no chance to mosquitoes to breed.

Mosquito Repellent/ Nets – Additionally, applying mosquito repellants to your kids and even using non-toxic repellants at home can further help in keeping the mosquito menace away. It is advisable that you use mosquito nets while sleeping. Mosquito nets work very best in protecting your kids against mosquitos.

Stay Hydrated – Fighting with the invading virus becomes easier when your child is well hydrated. Hydration helps cleanse the system by flushing out the toxins like bacteria and germs from the body.

Eat Hot and Fresh – Eating out is a strict no in rains, particularly street food because there is a high chance of your child getting sick with typhoid or other diseases that occur due to an intake of contaminated food or water. Hence, give your child healthy home cooked food only and filtered water.

Raincoats/ Umbrella’s – Protect your kids from the rain by always keeping a rain suit or umbrella with them and ask them to wear it on during rains. Getting drenched can lead to common cold and many other health conditions. Also, it’s important to wear proper rainy shoes and skip puddles because they are a home for infectious bacteria.

Well, a few puri’s and fritters here and there is not a bad idea but eat stuff that’s made at home and enjoy the monsoons while being safe and sound.

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